John cage in a landscape (1948)

John cage in a landscape (1948)

Sunday, January 10, 2016



Everything is connected, each word, each leaf.
Each poem, drawn and held together by the thread of our own experience,
and the longing of our own Soul to follow the vine back to its root.

~ John Millar

and now


From the album "An Awesome Wave." Footage is from the beautiful 1988 film "Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation."


Indochina, Capa jumps Jeep, two feet creep up the road
To photo, to record meat lumps and war,
They advance as does his chance -- very yellow white flash.
A violent wrench grips mass, rips light, tears limbs like rags,
Burst so high finally Capa lands,
Mine is a watery pit. Painless with immense distance
From medic from colleague, friend, enemy,
foe, him five yards from his leg, From you Taro.
Do not spray into eyes -- I have sprayed you into my eyes.
3:10 pm, Capa pends death, quivers, last rattles, last chokes
All colours and cares glaze to grey, shrivelled and stricken to dots,
Left hand grasps what the body grasps not -- le photographe est mort.
3.1415, alive no longer my amour, faded for home May of '54
Doors open like arms my love, Painless with a great closeness
To Capa, to Capa Capa dark after nothing,
re-united with his leg and with you, Taro.
Do not spray into eyes -- I have sprayed you into my eyes.
Hey Taro!


  1. Very powerful video... Thank you for sharing..
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    3. Nada,
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    4. Thank you very much for your efforts. By the way, I've never been on Ebay!

  2. Hi Nada,
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    1. Merci, this would be great. On Etsy I have an account!


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